Corporate Social Responsibility

Tanmiya Realty Co. is committed to running its business in an environmentally and socially responsible manner that balances consideration of environmental and social issues with creating long-term profitability for the company and value for shareholders. Consideration of environmental and social issues is an ongoing, regular part of the way we conduct our business. The company is always keen on spreading awareness in the community and participating in social initiatives that interest the Kuwaiti community especially topics that interest Kuwaiti youth who believe in creativity and innovation. Via our meetings with the youth, we contribute and participate in several projects. The company is also an active member in Green Buildings Environmental Affairs and the use of alternative energy



Corporate Governance

Tanmiya Realty recognizes the significance of strong corporate governance, particularly in large diversified operations. It is committed to the highest standards of corporate governance practices and acts with discipline, integrity and professionalism, following a corporate governance framework for all its business entities. This framework has been developed after extensive benchmarking against international and local best practices, and is aligned with local regulations. Founded on the principles of transparency, accountability, and reliability, the company aspires to become the best partner in providing vibrant residential, retail and business communities. It wants to be recognized as a world class organization that delivers excellence through industry knowledge and expertise, constantly seeking ways to deliver effective solutions to its clients, stakeholders, investors and business partners.