The state of Kuwait has set a strategy to encourage and enhance the role of the private sector in developing Kuwait infrastructure. The state has initiated a partnership program between the public and private sector by activating the partnership of the public sector the exclusion development projects that has a national economic impact. Tanmiya has supported this approach through utilizing its experience and participating in several projects of economic impact.


Tanmiya Realty has been initiated several projects in partnership with the public sector in Kuwait. Such initiatives aim to consolidate various real estate projects and activities, develop real estate products, and create new projects that serve the community. Tanmiya develops strategies, plans, and provides appropriate recommendations. We also provide the necessary services for partners during all stages of a project and propose a process to optimize the investment environment of such projects. Each initiative project has its own characteristics and contribute to the development of the real estate sector in Kuwait. The company also participates in tenders and BOT projects. Our initiatives are considered a leading role to the development model to the real estate sector that adds to the Kuwait Market.